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You, your developer or another person associated with your organization installed our app Customer Review on If this is not you please click the unsubscribe link below.


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This is how many times your reviews have been seen in the last 30 days. The bigger the number the better. Make sure you ask new clients what influenced them to purchase from you.


This is how many reviews you received and or entered over the last 30 days. The more reviews the merrier, and hopefully most are great reviews but having some reviews that are not so good is just fine. Very few companies can make everyone happy all the time and your prospects will likely appreciate your honesty.


my picIf you like my Customer Review app. I also built a robot. Learn how to save money, save time, eat healthier and responisibly using GrowBot a garden robot.

Setting the Customer Review app up properly is very important for the natural growth of your business. If you are not getting the results you want then watch these videos and make changes as needed.

If the reviews are working well for you please leave us a review on

If you would like more sales try these ideas out.

1. Add the Write a Customer Review widget on more pages or all of the pages on your website.

2. Put the link to your review form in the tagline of your emails.

3. Build Faith - Does this app Work? Ask your new clients what influenced them to purchase your product or service.

4. Upgrade the App showing the stars works - the more people that notice and read the reviews the more people will purchase.

This is a semi-automated email sent out during the first few days of each month. I look forward to hearing from you. If you get a moment and have something to share about how this app is helping you or just something to say, please write a review about this app on the - if you need support or have a feature request please email me.


Thank you.

James Brake


PS: If you want to see your reviews and edit your settings login to and go to our app in your editor if you are not a wix user then go to our website .. click add to site and enter your email it will remember you.

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