Customer Reviews
Katie A

I was looking for someone who could explain everything to me in an easy to understand way, as I am a first time home buyer and not handy in any sense. Travis was amazing and that is exactly what I got! He explained everything that you found and made me feel great and well informed throughout the inspection process! I highly recommend his services.

Eric Donaldson

Inspector was very thorough during the whole inspection, very good attention to fine detail, the report and discussion afterwards was informative and report following very good with all the information I could have hoped for. Overall very happy with the inspection.

Sharon Bon

Travis was very thorough in his inspection of the house that I am planning to buy. I received a detailed 40-page report with photos less than 48 hours after inspection. It indicated the issues that need to be addressed immediately and those that can wait for routine maintenance. He even provides a reference guide for the different structures and systems of a home that will come in very useful. The cost of $395 + tax was very reasonable. Highly recommend!