Customer Reviews
D Lee

Our office refrigerator stopped keeping items cool. Eddy J. visited us from the Boulder Hwy location. He explained what was wrong and fixed it. I learned a great deal along the way. My thanks.

Liinda P

Thanks so much to Comfort Home for helping me with my problem I purchased a new Fridgidare Refrigerator in July 2015. I noticed it didn't keep the ice cream hard and sometimes even the food didn't feel frozen. I called their warranty customer service and they sent out a service company that diagnosed the problem, said they would be back but took 3 weeks to return. The part didn't fix the problem and at this point I wanted another opinion. I called the customer service people again and they sent out Comfort Home. They were out over 3 times trying to fix the issues and nothing worked. They finally called customer service and said that the unit must be a "Lemon" and that I needed a new fridge. The Warranty is good for a year and yet they didn't want to replace the fridge. Thankfully, the office people at Comfort Home and the repair people worked with me and Customer Service to get me a new unit. After 4 months, I received a new appliance and they removed the old one. I can't believe the difference in how this new one sounds compared to the other one, plus this one keeps everything really frozen. If it weren't for Comfort Home, I would probably still be fighting with Fridgidaire. My warranty doesn't expire until July 3, 2016!

mark g

wonderful people ! great service ! These folks came in and solved a problem that had several others flustered for over 5 attempts at repairing an Electrolux refrigerator. They were knowledgeable professional pleasant and prompt and saved the day... thank you.