Marina B.

I studied with a wonderful teacher. Lara is a professional in her field. She finds an individual approach and exactly what is needed at this stage of language learning. Every lesson I learned a lot of words, Lara offered me several options that I could use to describe the same thing. This is very important because in everyday life people talk about the same thing in different words. She corrected my pronunciation and my mistakes. Lara also sent me grammar study materials and audio materials. She is a positive person and it is very easy and comfortable to learn German with her. I recommend Lara with pleasure as a great teacher and high professional.

Ludovica C

As a working mom of three, learning a new language is anything but easy. Confident German offers great flexibility. Planning, booking, and changing the plan is very easy. Lara is a great teacher as she structures the class and the topics according to your level and needs. Between grammar, reading, exercises and talking, the hour goes by very quickly. Highly recommended.

Chiara Rossi

When I moved to Switzerland, I was looking for someone who I could learn German with, who was reliable, professional and friendly. I found way more: first with Vera, then with Lara, learning German has been funny and creative. I could also find in them a remarkable empathy and openmindness that always make me feel at home.


From the first lesson I found Oliwia to be a very easy and open person, who made me feel at ease straight away. We built a good rapport and this helped my confidence when I made mistakes during the lessons. Additionally, she adapted her lessons to suit my requirements and ensured I reached my targets. My experiences with Oliwia were always positive and I came away from each lesson motivated. I’ve tried a few online teachers throughout the past few years and I can highly recommend her.


I had a great time learning German with Oliwia. She has this special ability to lighten up one hour of German lecture by bringing interesting topics to be discussed. Furthermore she has great grammar skills and more importantly she knows how to transmit this knowledge! I am not afraid to say that's where I better improved my German!

Lorenzo F.

Confident German is exactly what I was looking for. Customized, highly professional and flexible. My teacher is Lara. She is capable of keeping me always committed and active. I am doing since last year 2 of my weekly lunch brakes on Skype with her. I have never felt bored and I flan see that step by step my German is getting better. It's still a long way to go but this time I will not give up. Thanks Lara, thanks Confident German!

Pavol Knapo

As intermediate German speaker living in London, I was looking for classes with a teacher from Germany which I could attend remotely. I found exactly what I wanted in Confident German. It's very flexible, classes are over Skype, I can book classes in advance or cancel if I can't make it. The teacher quickly assessed my level and adjusted classes to it. It's also very good value for money. Most importantly, it's a lot of fun as I can choose topics to talk or write about. And if I don't do my homework conversation on random subject is always an option :) Highly recommended!

Anett B.

I started to learn German from the beginning with Vera. She is a great teacher, we have very good lessons with a bit of humor. She is very helpful and always prepared for the lessons. I can highly recommend Vera!

Marina Becker

I want to share my experience in learning German with a wonderful teacher – Vera! I have been learning German with this great German teacher for 1.5 years now. She has an individual approach; she gives a plan for the development of the language level in accordance with the needs and desires. I not only learn German, I learn a lot of new and interesting things about Germany. Vera advises which study materials to use. My usual lesson is divided into parts: speaking, discussion, hearing, grammar. She is also a very good person to talk to; I can talk with her on any topic. We use definitely a lot of time to grammar or work with a learning book. Vera periodically adjusts the plan of our lessons in accordance with my new German language level or needs. Lessons with Vera give me not only knowledge, but also the pleasure of learning a German language. Vera speaks excellent English, which, when I started my lessons, helped me a lot in explaining some grammatical rules, or as a translation, if I did not understand German sometimes. I completely recommend Vera as a best German teacher!

Rebecca M.

Vera is a great German teacher and her approach through German-Via-Skype is perfect. I've been learning German with Vera for around 12 months, I work and live in Switzerland with my family, so have the need for both social German, administrative German (for example for dealing with the school) and also a small level of business German. Vera works to meet my flexible needs focusing in the areas I am particularly interested in and/or need at the time. The format and learning media we use is also tailored specifically to me from Vera's extensive library and wide experience, which also makes learning both easier and more interesting. I completely recommend Vera and her German-Via-Skype online language school.

Kara M.

I have been learning German with Vera for many months and she is amazing! She tailors every lesson to my personal needs. She is flexible, very easy to talk to (in both German and English!) and a great instructor. Highly recommended!

Esther F.

Vera is a wonderful teacher. She does not tell you things, she guides you to get there yourself. I will always be grateful to Vera. Working with her every week has given me the confidence to finally start speaking German and suddenly Switzerland feels like home to me. I would recommend anyone looking for an excellent German teacher to start working with Vera right away.

Mikhail V.

Vera is not only a great teacher, she is also a very interesting and fun person. She is great at portioning the hard parts of German grammar, pronounciation and vocabulary between engaging conversations, discussions and exchange of life stories - all in German, and at your current level, whatever it is. More than anything else, this builds confidence that you can use the language, your willingness to practice at every occasion, and these are precisely the things you need to improve. Vera's school is growing, which is a definite sign of success of her method. I can only highly recommend her services to anyone who is willing to acquire or improve their German, gain fluence and confidence.


Vera is a very professional teacher. One learns the German language in a very fun and fast way. Even the grammar is fun with Vera! Highly recommended :-)

George G.

Vera is a great teacher! She will help with every single problem you have in German. Her lessons are also highly interesting and fun. You will have some great topics to discuss with her in German which will help you to improve your language skills and become fluent. If you are looking forward to find a German teacher I can surely say that she would be your best choice! Thank you very much Mrs Vera for great lessons!

Osnat B.

I wanted to improve my spoken German and therefore I have looked for a German teacher. I have found Vera and since a while I study with her German. Already in a short time I have noticed that I had progress with the language, of course one must also to practice the language in its own, but with the help of Vera it makes it a lot easier. Vera is a great teacher! On the one hand Vera is very serious and professional but on the other hand she is very polite, funny – very funny, educated and makes the learning of the language very enjoyable which is a very important thing. Vera as a teacher has a lot of experience with many students and therefore she knows how to make the student to find the confidence with the German language. Thank you Vera for all the fun and of course for the help to improve my German! My grade for Vera is +A!

Corinne F.

Very good teacher. Very professionnal and serious. Hard worker but with fun. If you are motivate you make a lot of progress in a few time with this teacher.

Moni L.

We`ve founded our catering company in Switzerland, so I had to improve my german. Regarding to our business, I had to start a school too. Vera helped me and still helping me a lot with my exams. Beside she is helping with the grammar too. Vera is extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgable in many other fields beside the german language. I appreciate her teaching a lot! Thank you so much! I highly recommend Vera, who likes to learn german in any level!!!!

Olga T.

Я изучаю немецкий совершенно с нуля. Вера доступно излагает материал, терпелива, корректирует произношение. Преподаватель от Бога! С ней очень легко! Спасибо! :)

Sagi A.

Vera is an amazing and interesting teacher. She is flexible and able to adapt to the student's needs. I find the lessons with her enriching and most importantly sheer fun !

Annamaria Ascione

Vera è sicuramente un'ottima insegnante, molto preparata e strutturata. In passato avevo utilizzato altri servizi per avere lezioni di tedesco on line, ma i docenti lavoravano un po' a caso, senza metodo e supporto. Una vera delusione! Vera invece ti fornisce sia durante che dopo la lezione (per esercitarti da solo), tutti gli strumenti per progredire velocemente: video, esercizi, podcast, letture. Tenendo in considerazione anche le tue preferenze tematiche. Inoltre, lei mi sta aiutando moltissimo nella correzione del CV, lettere di presentazione o altri documenti che devo scrivere in tedesco. Per finire, cosa non di poca importanza, Vera è davvero molto simpatica e cordiale: aspetti fondamentali per non demordere ;-) Le lezioni con lei sembrano davvero durare pochissimo; in un attimo, con mio sommo dispiacere, la lezione è già finita! :-)


I am extremely happy with Vera as German coach. She will correct you and make you speak fluently about any subject of interest for you. Thank you.

Aude M.

Ich studiere die Germanistik an der Universität und ich habe fast keine Möglichkeit, auf Deutsch zu sprechen. Doch habe ich Prüfungen und ich muss sie bestehen. Deshalb habe ich begonnen, mit Vera zu arbeiten. Was mich betrifft, war sie sehr flexibel. Ich konnte mir Videos anschauen und dann sie zusammenfassen und darüber sprechen. Oder ich konnte ein Thema auswählen und darüber sprechen. Ich habe meine Sprachkenntnisse wirklich verbessert, denn Vera hat sich an mein Niveau angepasst. Zuerst hat sie den Satzbau oder den Wortschatz korrigiert. Dann die Aussprache. Und wichtiger ist, dass sie immer sehr positiv ist, so dass man sich nicht "schlecht" fühlt. Im Gegensatz dazu hat man Lust, zu sprechen. Zusammenfassend ist Vera eine super Lehrerin.

Xavier H.

Vera's lessons combine two unique characteristics: flexibility and individual attention. I would particularly highlight her flexibility and professionalism (no need for reminder emails, no onerous restrictions on when you can have classes). As a one-on-one teacher, she also has the quality of being able to speak German at a level that is challenging, but not impossible, for each student. Consequentially, German-via-Skype is a perfect solution to time poor students!


She is one of the best german teacher that I ever had!

Rena S.

I am learning German as an adult working a full time job (so I don't have much time). I am amazed at how much I have learned in such a little time by working with Vera once sometimes twice a week. I am taking my time and learning slowly but I am already able to understand more German than I ever thought possible.

Adriano G.

Vera war eine ausgezeichnete Lehrerin. Mit ihr habe ich meine Deutschkenntnisse bald erweitert, um erfolgreich das Goethe-Zertifikat B2 zu bestehen. Super Lehrerin!!

Caroline R.

Chère Vera, merci pour ton approche accessible, avec autant de professionnalisme que d'humour. J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à améliorer mon allemand et continuerai biensûr à réserver tes cours (tarif imbattable pour une petite française, merci!)

Sales team @ Chateau de Coudrée

Thank you for adapting to the needs of our firm with your professional package. What a relief to be able to rely on your proof reading and correction services. We appreciated your ideas on bonus to enhance our communication: great mind ! Merci.

Aydan A.

I find lessons extremely helpful as in a short period of time i have learned all basics of German language and even started advance. Therefore it makes me confident in myself and the knowledge that i am getting in the lessons.

Veronica S.

Thank you for your great efficiency. Tailor made service and really flexible course. I appreciated your good mood and patience in guiding me through the different pedagogical approaches to allow me improve my skills fast enough to reach the expected level to keep up with my professional environment. Thanks again! I'll definitely recommend your services.

Ginette L.

J'avais besoin d'une remise à niveau urgente pour obtenir un poste de directrice dans mon entreprise. J'ai apprécié l'écoute et la réponse sur mesure de Vera qui a su me guider avec efficacité et me donner les bons outils pour être performante très rapidement. Mille Merci!!!