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I was looking for an air purifier as I didn't feel well in my apartment. I found this portable air purifier and it has changed how I feel completely. I recommend this to all my family and friends.

Jared Hogenson

Great product, noticable differences in the first 24 hours, I would highly recommend this to friends and family

Will lang

After Jesse install the Purifier my 3 Kids wife and I dont get seek the same time , less people to wife take care :l That mean it really works . Thank u Jesse for making my house clearer and safe for other .

Mike P

D'Pure installed an air purifier in our air conditioning unit for us. My oldest son has asthma and we wanted to try to improve his breathing. As part of the process they also did a cleaning of the whole house for us. Since we have had the house cleaned and the unit installed, we can absolutely tell a difference in his breathing for the better. Not only has his breathing improved, but all of us, (we are a family of 5), have been sick MUCH less. To go along with that, our colds, etc have had quicker recovery times. I and my wife are extremely pleased with the service D'Pure provided and the unit and what it has done for us. If I were to purchase a larger house, this would absolutely be coming with me, and I would probably by a 2nd one! I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!