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Ashton R

I purchased the mini medication ita bag. I just thought it was such a great idea and a great way to organize all of my small medication-related items. The bag came in perfect condition and came very quickly too! The bag itself seems perfectly made and I was pleasantly surprised that the bag has extremely sturdy structure (I think the bag is made perhaps with thick wiring or other sturdy materials) so it's fantastic for keeping your items safe in travel. Overall, this bag is super cute and very well made.

Sorel E

I’ve ordered multiple bags, pins, a beanie, and a mask from Kitycrylics on separate occasions. Kitycrylics always has outstanding quality and customer service. Their prices are accessible and fair, they ship quickly, and they are very communicative, especially about the timeline of pre-orders. Everything is adorable, and I will come back again and again to purchase their products! They really care about customer input as well as giving back to communities they care about. This is definitely an artist and small business to support!


Ash is super sweet and always quick to respond. When she was getting the gatcha machine one of my plays was missed so she just let me choose a pin. Ive also bought from her plushie account and she always ships fast and well protected! One of my favorite sellers ever!

Ruru M.

I was looking online for medicine bags and I stumbled onto Kitycrylics insta page. I was lucky to grab a restock of the ita medicine bag for when I travel ! Then I fell in love with all of her pins and other items. I have made multiple orders and looking forward for new items to order!


I've not directly ordered from the online shop before, but i ordered quiet a few times through instagram posts/stories about ITA Bags and other items. Ashley has always been super kind and forwarding when it came to me. Shes super friendly and was always willing to offer layaway when it came to higher prices which i deeply appreciate ♡ She also offered cheaper shipping on my intl orders so far, as we all know how deadly these can be. Im eternally greatful for her kindness♡ i can 100/100 recommend her as a seller and business owner. Ive never had any troubles or seen any flaws in items I've bought from her. She also always adds small extras like stickers to orders which is super sweet. I think she puts a great deal of effort into her business and work and does far more than an average business owner would ever do and this should be appreciated and honored more imo. Shes an amazing business owner and whoever doesnt appreciate the effort she puts into her work, truly doesnt know anything about businesses at all. Anyways, 100/10 satisfaction and a happy customer. Will always buy again. Much love